Sedentary Journeys


Over the holiday break my daughter turned us onto Lucifer, a tv show based on a spin-off character from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics. It is entertaining and also inspires some genuine reflection on the nature of evil and punishment and desire. Television can absolutely be a time suck and a distraction. There are points in my life where I have power watched through 24 episode seasons of things. I used it as a distraction and an escape.

Television can also be an emotional and philosophical journey. And television can be surprisingly connective with people you know and care about. Watching a show or shows in community can bring folks together. For years, I have had the convention of gathering with friends and family to watch a show in the course of a season. And being to reflect on character motivations and actions with friends and family can be a way to clarify personal ethics and morals, in addition to the fun of the show and the story line. It was something my partner and I did with our children, both to understand what they were viewing and how they thought about things and to provide our own reflections and perspectives.

During these cold winter months, I find myself drawn towards sedentary activities. Good television watched with people I care about can also be a journey of sharing and discovery.

Also, it’s fun.

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