Podcasting Takes a Lot of Time


I have been neglecting my blog for a few months. It turns out a podcast takes a bit of time. And now that we've added transcription to it, even more. And digging into the topics and figuring how to make them somewhat coherent and (hopefully) interesting, takes even more. Every week I promise myself I will write a blog. And every week, I manage to wriggle out of it. I have a lot of ideas for topics: Adult Children; Changing Relationships; Why I Support Jared Polis; Navigating the Health System. They swim in my brain and on post-it notes, with supporting links, like neglected children while I focus on podcast topics, many of which lead to dead ends. There are lots of things that simply don't have enough depth to them to be able to hold a 30 minute conversation on. 

I think I will have to change how I blog since in a lot of ways the style of blogging I was doing was reflective of the kind of podcast I wanted to do. So for the 5 of you that read this, I apologize for disappearing.