Meet the Magician


When I founded BiCurean in 2011, my initial vision was to produce a podcast. I pictured a community growing around the idea I was creating. A community dedicated to embracing our seeming contradictions. A place to embrace ourselves as messy humans and, perhaps through that experiment, learn to be more accepting of the messy human nature all around us. I bought the domain, started a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. I began blogging sporadically, trying to find ways to share the BiCurean vision. I bought a Blue Snowball mic and downloaded Audacity and started trying things. The podcast, though, well it went nowhere.


This last fall, I met Erik Kosnar. I shared my vision for BiCurean (which he embodies in his life) and my continued desire to create a podcast. Being the kind of person who likes to help others achieve their dreams, he offered to help me make it happen. Somehow, I managed instead to rope him into being a co-host. We started playing with ideas and theories and concepts and topics and have, finally, achieved 1 full episode. Which will post (cue drumroll) this Thursday, Feb 15!

Erik brings a rich history of working in music to BiCurean. Darker Days Tomorrow is his current solo music project. He is an artist, musician and composer with an extensive background in audio engineering. He also has a lot of experience in training both in the corporate and private training sectors. He also worked at and designed educational materials for a national nonprofit. In his private life he is an advocate in the LGBT and poly communities. His current day job is Customer Success Manager for a thriving Silicon Valley start up. 
I have large visions for BiCurean. I want to be part of creating a cultural shift towards a more human world for all of us. The podcast simply wouldn't be possible without his efforts and expertise. I can say that with confidence, as it didn't happen until he showed up. When he offered support, I asked for partnership in the project. I have always been a better worker when I have a teammate. I am lucky to have found one as dedicated and hard working as Erik is. And I am so delighted he has opted to be my sound magician and co-host for this endeavor!