The First Step is Embracing


“The cure to polarization is to embrace our own complexity.” Tyler Elliot Bettilyon

This is the heart of the BiCurean belief. The belief and understanding that our external experiences are motivated by our internal world. I wanted to start the podcast as a way of showing this in a more tangible. Sometimes I feel like we get it spot on. Other times, not so much. The idea of embracing ourselves as full humans can be watered down into a catchphrase or a used as a weapon or an excuse.

I am reminded of a friend of mine in college. He was born with, in his words, the body of a football player. Short and broad, he built muscle easily, and he loved sports. He was actively recruited for his high school football team. However, he really wanted to play basketball. He accepted himself as he was. Physically he had a lot more work to do to become a good basketball player than if he had been interested in playing football. And he set himself to the task of developing those skills. He worked on dexterity, speed, and accuracy. Practicing long hours after school and doing extra training drills, to get himself to a point where he was able to make the team and become first string.

Accepting our complexities without judgement or reaction is the first step. It can be uncomfortable. In my friend’s case, it was tinged with the possibility of disappointment. He could have accepted that as his end point. He took a different path. One that required more of him to create his desired future.

I am inspired by the people like my friend, who can see the challenges before them and still take that first step. In the midst of the confusion and the chaos of our modern world, these are the lighthouses I look to for hope.