Year in Review

Thank you 2017. You have been a year of change, growth and new experiences. I evicted my gall bladder, said good bye to my uncle, and regained my voice. I saw Depeche Mode, Tori Amos, and Lords of Acid. I finally made it to New Orleans. My dear friend moved to Colorado, and we have been storing up as many joys as possible. We took a road trip, have been playing D&D regularly, and chatted for hours about all the things.

Our family changed our name and survived the first year of Ian's loss. I found ways to connect with my mother. I rekindled friendships and sold my first piece of writing.

I faced fears I didn't know I had. 

I held loved ones while they cried. I fell into books that consumed me. I made a difference for strangers. I failed. I put one foot in front of the other. I gave up. I started again. Hell froze over. 

I took the Landmark forum. Then a seminar. Then the Advanced Course. Then the Communications Course. I was patient when people called it names. I practiced being open and vulnerable. I got irritated anyway. I watched how living the work impacted my world in positive ways. I surrendered to my own flaws and accepted my imperfections. I forgot what I discovered and lost my temper. I created a world of possibilities. I bought into a finite limitation. 

I went to water aerobics. I started learning shorthand. I lost 30 pounds. I started running again. I gave someone a chance. I celebrated birthdays and holidays and new jobs and new opportunities. I grieved lost friends and family passed away. 

I experienced a total eclipse of the sun. 

I found myself in between the moments. I remembered to breathe and laugh and cry. I learned how to sleep. I fell apart. I re-membered myself. 

I tried things I knew I hated and discovered I was wrong. I let go of how things are supposed to be. I bought new boots. I gave peace a chance.  

Thank you 2017.