Wisdom from Experience

Annually for years I have celebrated a version of Samhein. This year the theme I found that spoke to me was "One Who Gains Wisdom From Experience". I have had experiences. I am hopeful of gaining wisdom from them. 

Samhein is a time when I pause and thank my life for what it has brought me. While I do not enjoy all the experiences of my life, I appreciate my opportunities for growth. I celebrate the moments of connection and joy I have been gifted. This year I am especially grateful to the people who have been patient with me as I have sought to learn a new way of being in life. My family, of course. My partners. My friends. 

Photo by Ken Sieglinger

Photo by Ken Sieglinger

This is also a time when I invite a new direction into my life. I set an intention for myself to live into for the upcoming year. I invite you to join me in this, as you feel inspired. Take a moment and acknowledge your life. Or more than a moment. Write it out, burn it, fold it up. Once you feel clear in that, pause. Set an intention for what you seek to discover or create in the next 12 months. Perhaps more family time or greater community service? Perhaps making more time to learn new skills? Whatever it is, simple or complex, sweeping or specific, know you can create your direction with your intentions. 

It never falls out the way I imagine. So far, it has been a journey worth taking. 

Happy Samhein. May your journey be your joy.