If Only This Were a Case of Bad Writing

My son used the term “Deus Ex Machina” tonight and it reminded me of one of my favorite day dreams when I was a kid. I used to amuse myself by thinking “what would happen now, if this were scripted?”. People would throw around cliches like “life imitates art/art imitates life” so I figured why not pay attention and see if that was happening. Mostly, it didn’t seem to work that way. (Although the sarcasm factor in my youth may have been due to the preponderance of sitcoms and an over fascination with the importance of wit.) But I never saw the overly gruff neighbor turn out to just be misunderstood or the new girl (me) suddenly adopted by the popular girls and made over into a fashionista or that when everything was going horribly wrong some person in authority would notice it and quietly fix the whole situation. Instead, the gruff neighbor was just gruff and needed to be accepted for who he is. I had to accept myself and find my friends and build my life on my own terms. And when things went horribly wrong, they just needed to be accepted and dealt with, no quick, easy fixes from benevolent leaders.

Accepting things as they are and dealing with that seems to be the way of things instead. No lazy writing to make our day-to-day just a little smoother, in fact no scripts at all. Mostly I appreciate the freedom in that.