Photo by Peggy Dyer

Aicila Lewis

(Aye-ee-sila) (she/her/hers) is a Director of Motivation, an Organizational Strategist for Dreamers and Underdogs, an Asker of Hard Questions, a Community Builder, and a prolific writer.

An unapologetic geek, she may be dressed as a Star Trek cos-playing Minion or a Portal test subject (complete with portal gun). Lewis is an Apocaloptimist; she knows that it may all go horribly wrong, but assumes that even the zombie apocalypse will have a bright-side.

A well-known Colorado Progressive Leadership Fellow, Lewis was named One of the 100 Women we Love by Go! Magazine in 2011 and awarded a Special Certificate of Congressional Recognition in 2013 for her community work.

Lewis is blessed to have two fantastic children and an extensive polycule to support her in her various hijinx. Especially her long term partner and favorite co-conspirator, Tim Murray-Wyles

Awards and Fellowships 

Congressional Certificate of Special Recognition 2013
Colorado Progressive Leadership Fellows Program 2012
100 Women We Love; GO Magazine 2011
Human Rights Campaign: Partners in Equality 2011
Boulder County Leadership Fellows Program 2010
Friends of the Gender Identity Center 2010
Bridges Out of Poverty Trainer 2008

BiWomens Quarterly 2018
A Beautiful Resistance: The Crossing 2017

 Photo by Peggy Dyer

Photo by Peggy Dyer

Erik Kosnar

(he him, his) is a Sound Magician and Musician. Erik brings a rich history of working in music to BiCurean. Darker Days Tomorrow is his current solo music project. He is an artist, musician and composer with an extensive background in audio engineering. He also has a lot of experience in training both in the corporate and private training sectors. Erik worked at and designed educational materials for a national nonprofit. In his private life he is an advocate in the LGBT and poly communities. His current day job is Customer Success Manager for a thriving Silicon Valley start up. 

Darker Days Tomorrow
Exit to Midnight